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Our Passion for Safe and Quality Medicine

We understand medical marijuana patients require the safest possible medicine available. We take measures to ensure all of our medicine is produced without contaminants or pesticides.

Management Team

Phil A, Green Cal Growers

Phillip A

Director of All Things Green

Phil started this company in 2010. He has been growing medicinal cannabis for 13 years. He has been in the cannabis industry for 20 years. He is a Chico State graduate with a degree in Finance. He has the good fortune to be able to own a successful medicinal cannabis business. There is nothing he would rather be doing than helping to serve the patients of California.

He makes sure that the growing of medical cannabis is maintained to the highest standards. He also ensures the safe delivery of the cannabis to the dispensaries that will ultimately make the connection of our product to patient. It is his job to make sure that we are always staying on top of the patient’s needs. Patient’s needs change as research finds new ways for cannabis to benefit particular ailments as well as preventative care. It is up to Phil to make sure that Green Cal Growers can adapt to their needs and more importantly fulfill them.



Zenya A, Green Cal Growers

Zenya A

The Master Trimmer of All Things Green

Zeyna has the good fortune of taking care of the trimmers. She is not only the fastest most precise trimmer that Green Cal Growers has ever seen but she helps to organize all the trimmers for those all day trim sessions. She makes sure that the trimmers are adhering to the strict standards that are demanded of medicinal cannabis. She does everything from organizing the trim to feeding the trimmers. She has been trimming for 10 years and also helping in the gardens for just as long. She could be considered the shop mother if you will. We could not get the job done without her help and inspirations.



Mike T, Green Cal Growers

Mike T

Marketing Extraordinaire of All Things Green

Mike started working for Green Cal Growers a little less than a year ago. He is in charge of setting up new accounts and also getting the word out about Green Cal Growers. He is the link between grower and dispensaries. It is his job to educate the dispensaries about our products and the benefits of each product and how they will help their patients.

Having been a massage therapist for 9 years and a medical cannabis patient for 15 years, he is very in tune with the body and knows which medicinal qualities patients desire for specific ailments. He uses this knowledge of ailments and our products to help dispensaries connect the right medicine with the right patient.



Shane R, Green Cal Growers

Shane R

Grower of All Things Green

Shane has been with Green Cal Growers for 3 years. He is the guy behind the scenes who makes sure that the highest of standards are met. He has vast knowledge of medicinal cannabis and how it is grown. He is an extremely hard worker here at Green Cal Growers and has become the backbone of the growing process.