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"Concentrate" is fast becoming a catch-all word in the cannabis industry. it may refer to waxes you vaporize, hash you smoke, tinctures placed under your tongue or even the orally or topically administered THC-free oil (Charlotte's Web) that's changing attitudes and perceptions towards cannabis everywhere. The future is leading towards potent concentrated forms, primarily as the therapeutic potential of non-smoking methods is realized and embraced by the general public.

Any products generated through an extraction process fall under the classification of cannabis concentrates. Solvents (butane, CO2, ethanol) strip the vital compounds from the plant, leaving a product with concentrated cannabinoids in every drop. Extracts can test as high as 85% in THC, while other, specific plants, rich in non-psychoactive compounds like CBD, deliver relief without the "high".

Here's an introduction to some of the commonly found extracts available in today's market.